P5- Logos


Description: Create a logo for a company/ business using Adobe Illustrator.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started out by sketching several designs, and then I began to work on the design in Adobe Illustrator. As the three designs progressed, I had to research several times to learn how to correctly build and how to utilize the many tools of Illustrator. After taking my three designs to the public, I decided to refine the one that was voted most favorite. During the refinement process, the design changed drastically. I originally had a hand painted look, which quickly turned in to what you see above. I am happy with the changes! I used alignment, kerning & tracking, complementary color scheme (teal & brick) and I even learned about how to utilize vectoring. I also learned a lot about plat designs and learned how to incorporate it in the design.

Message: To raise awareness that Melissa Deason (yours truly) has a Photography Business!

Audience: Those in need of Photography services.

Top Thing Learned: The top thing I learned was how to set up Adobe Illustrator how in a way that is a little more user friendly. I also learned how to use all the different tools before I began the design. I learned that YouTube is a great place to watch tutorials and how to utilize the Internet to my advantage while I learn this new program. I also learned a great deal of patience and how to manipulate and change a design.

Color Scheme and Color Names: Complementary (teal/brick).

Title / Body Font Names & Categories:

Title: Elsie Swash Caps- decorative.

Body: Lato- Sans Serif