P3 Activity-



MelissaDeason- 01- Light Outside


Light 1: Outside

MelissaDeason-02 Light Inside

Light 2: Inside

MelissaDeason-01 Focus foreground

Focus 1: Foreground

MelissaDeason-02 Focus Background

Focus 2: Background

MelissaDeason-01 Composition Thirds

Composition 1: Thirds

MelissaDeason-02 Composition Lead room

Composition 2: Lead Room

This was such a great activity to start understanding photography design principles! I really liked how many of the images turned out. For the first image, I choose to meter the sky and with that exposure photograph the spire of the Rexburg LDS Temple. I really liked how this seemed to make the image more avonguard. The second image, I snapped while I was inside. The play table was lit by a large open window and an overheadlight. For the Focus images I decided to try using a 50mm Lens. In order to get the foreground or the back ground in focus, I manually changed the focus creating sharp areas and out of focus areas. I will admit I tried several times, but eventually I got a shot I’m pleased with.

The composition photos were much harder than expected. For the rule of thirds, I took the photo above of my daughter. I wasnt able to actually place her, so I had to move myself in order to get this shot. In my viewfinder I her body right, with her bow and hand on the one thrid line, with her body in the vertical right one third line. For the last photo I placed Sammy, my trusty dog on the one third line with his eyes in the top third and his bandanna on the bottom third.


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