P9 Portfolio


Project Corrections / Time Spent: I spent an hour redoing the Flier (Computer crash and lost file). I spent 10 minutes aligning my Logo. I then readjusted the alignment and folds on the Brochure for 15 minutes. I adjusted the colors, corrected the body copy and troubleshooted the vector images on the business card/ letterhead project for 35 minutes. I spent over two hours adjusting other elements- however we were only required to report two hours.

Message: I want to showcase my portfolio work in a professional way by using a simple, clean and unisex design.

Audience: Potential client and employers.

Top Thing Learned: Print, adjust, and repeat until the desired look is achieved. Colors always look different from the monitor screen to the actual print.

Future application of Visual Media: I look forward to creating custom Logo’s and Resumes using the Adobe programs as well as photo editing. In doing so I can hopefully improve work quality and delight my future employers.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic, grey.

Title Font Name & Category: Lato Regular & Black – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Lato Regular 12 pt. – Sans Serif

Thumbnails of Images used:

Grey texture

Sources (Links to images on original websites):



P8 Brochure-

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 10.50.31 PM



Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 10.50.43 PM













Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 10.51.17 PM

A two sided (duplex) folding brochure.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

I started off by sketching several times, with exact dimensions and several fold ideas before settling with this design. On Adobe InDesign I split my layout into six sections to represent the two folds that created three sections; with three sections in the front and three in the back. I used light pink squares and rectangles to bring fluidity into the design. I kept with one very simple and clean font (Lato) through out the whole design but I played with the different styles of Lato including Hairline, Regular, Bold and Black. I think keeping it simple with one font actually enhanced the design, plus it was great to utilize a lot of the different size and texture of the font. I created a vector image Logo that I incorporated into the design. I found several images online that I used- credit will be given below. I used Adobe Photoshop to edit the images further.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign/Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop.

Message: Inform Brides-To-Be about the Cosmetology services that I offer but also to give a general guide to have flawless makeup for the BIG day.

Audience: Young Adults, Mothers of the Bride-to-be, Current and Future Brides, as well as any one interested in wedding day makeup or long lasting makeup.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how frustrating it can be to translate a mental design to a physical design. I learned how to use Paragraph Styling and how to use and incorporate three adobe programs (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) for one design.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic, Light Pink.

Title Font Name & Category: Lato: Sans serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Lato: Sans Serif

Thumbnails of Images used:


 View More: http://corriekraftphotography.pass.us/scott--brooke  Vanishing Moments Photography    classic-wedding-ideas-popular-elegant-vintage-themed-wedding-ideas-1024x709


eyebrowscropped highlightingarticle-2616647-1D78411F00000578-115_634x563

Credit To:








Stationery- P6



Buisness Card (8.5×11 layout)

P6 MelissaDEasonBuisness Cards

Buisness Card: Large Layout

P6 Buisness Cards


Description: Match custom designed Logo with professional Letterhead & Business card.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to create this custom and professional Logo and Professional Letterhead and Business cards. This was a long and lengthy process. In Illustrator I started with a clean art board and started creating “speech bubbles” by using the shape tool, alignment, and vector. I eventually grouped each item of the design to keep the individual shapes, and items in order. Once I had created speech bubbles, I went on to choosing a font (Lato) that I felt would integrate professionalism and yet a little of the fun of PR. Once satisfied by the objects I had created I transferred them to an 8.5” x 11” InDesign page. From there, I fixed the typography, changed the size and angles and even the color scheme to better the design.

Message: The company: Melissa Deason PR offers PR needs to anyone. The speech bubble is their signature symbol and logo.

Audience: Business professionals or any one in need of PR services.

Top Thing Learned: The most important thing I learned was how to work with multiple adobe programs, how to manage files and how to design for a professional. I took my design to a few business professionals and asked them what they would think if they received the letterhead or a business card. From their feedback I changed the design a bit, modified the size of parts of the design especially in the business card, changed the font and learned how to keep on top of all the separate files.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic (teal)

Title Font Name & Category: Lato Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Lato (bold) Sans Serif

P5- Logos


Description: Create a logo for a company/ business using Adobe Illustrator.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started out by sketching several designs, and then I began to work on the design in Adobe Illustrator. As the three designs progressed, I had to research several times to learn how to correctly build and how to utilize the many tools of Illustrator. After taking my three designs to the public, I decided to refine the one that was voted most favorite. During the refinement process, the design changed drastically. I originally had a hand painted look, which quickly turned in to what you see above. I am happy with the changes! I used alignment, kerning & tracking, complementary color scheme (teal & brick) and I even learned about how to utilize vectoring. I also learned a lot about plat designs and learned how to incorporate it in the design.

Message: To raise awareness that Melissa Deason (yours truly) has a Photography Business!

Audience: Those in need of Photography services.

Top Thing Learned: The top thing I learned was how to set up Adobe Illustrator how in a way that is a little more user friendly. I also learned how to use all the different tools before I began the design. I learned that YouTube is a great place to watch tutorials and how to utilize the Internet to my advantage while I learn this new program. I also learned a great deal of patience and how to manipulate and change a design.

Color Scheme and Color Names: Complementary (teal/brick).

Title / Body Font Names & Categories:

Title: Elsie Swash Caps- decorative.

Body: Lato- Sans Serif




Description: An inspirational montage produced by using two or more photo’s, typography and Adobe Photoshop.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): I used Adobe Photoshop to combine two separate photographs in a non-destructive way. I first started off the project by sitting down and thinking of inspirational Christian messages I had seen before, what I liked and what I didn’t. From there I created four sketches. I originally designed something very different from what you see today. When I was not satisfied I trashed the other design and came up with this. I combined the two photographs by layering them and adding masks. I then used the brush tool, and other additives like sharpness, saturation, hue, brightness etc. to enhance the design.

Message: Gordon B. Hinckley said one of my favorite quotes. Since this quote has uplifted me many times in my life I wanted to share it in the hopes that it may brighten someone’s day.

Audience: Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or other Christians looking for an uplifting message.

Top Thing Learned: The most important thing I learned was how to cope when you dislike the design, as I mentioned earlier I cut my losses and started anew to achieve this design. It was important for me to learn how to move on from the previous idea and sketch. I am thankful to have learned how to start again and reform and design. I also really liked how I learned to use more tools on Adobe Photoshop. I enjoyed learning how to use the vibrance and saturation tools.

Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: I sharpened certain areas on the background field, I reduced the noise on Gordon B. Hinckley, and I brought down the saturation of both photos and added a paper texture to the background. I also used the vibrance, contrast and brightness tools.

Color scheme and color names: Tetradic- Brick, Gold, Teal, Indigo.

Title Font Name & Category: Bell MT Italic-

Copy Font Name & Category: Century Gothic Regular-

Thumbnails of Images used:




President Gordon B. Hinckley




Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):







 MelissaDeason- P3
















In this project I wanted to show photography knowledge, image editing skills, and how to incorporate color in a poster.


Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):

First I started off by choosing a color scheme; I then sat and sketched where I had seen the color I chose. I then photographed my Lego Batman in a mock home studio. From there I only used Adobe Photoshop. I tried to keep the design simple, clean and masculine. I used alignment to simplify and create flow in my poster. I decided on a decorative comic style font to enhance the design.



An advertisement for Batman and Lego fans.



Batman and Lego enthusiasts of all ages and genders.


Top Thing Learned:

The most important thing I learned from this project was how to create a fluid design for your audience. In previous designs I’ve always teetered on the feminine side. This design I really had to focus on what an actual Batman advertisement might look like. I realized that I needed repetition, sharp lines, alignment, bold lines and bold color.


Color scheme and color names:

Monochromatic: White, Black, Grey and Yellow.


Title Font Name & Category:

Batman- Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category:

Myriad Regular- Serif


Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted



Date and location you took the photo(s)

-Photo taken on May 18th, 2015

-In-home mock studio.

P3 Activity-



MelissaDeason- 01- Light Outside


Light 1: Outside

MelissaDeason-02 Light Inside

Light 2: Inside

MelissaDeason-01 Focus foreground

Focus 1: Foreground

MelissaDeason-02 Focus Background

Focus 2: Background

MelissaDeason-01 Composition Thirds

Composition 1: Thirds

MelissaDeason-02 Composition Lead room

Composition 2: Lead Room

This was such a great activity to start understanding photography design principles! I really liked how many of the images turned out. For the first image, I choose to meter the sky and with that exposure photograph the spire of the Rexburg LDS Temple. I really liked how this seemed to make the image more avonguard. The second image, I snapped while I was inside. The play table was lit by a large open window and an overheadlight. For the Focus images I decided to try using a 50mm Lens. In order to get the foreground or the back ground in focus, I manually changed the focus creating sharp areas and out of focus areas. I will admit I tried several times, but eventually I got a shot I’m pleased with.

The composition photos were much harder than expected. For the rule of thirds, I took the photo above of my daughter. I wasnt able to actually place her, so I had to move myself in order to get this shot. In my viewfinder I her body right, with her bow and hand on the one thrid line, with her body in the vertical right one third line. For the last photo I placed Sammy, my trusty dog on the one third line with his eyes in the top third and his bandanna on the bottom third.